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Art & Design at Molecule

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Contact: Adriana Siso, Owner
Phone: 505.989.9806
Email:  ten.ngisedelucelomnull@ksed

Nine artists merge their work with tables, chairs, or space and offer affordable collectibles on Market Day when you can meet them and ask them about their work, May 12, 11 am – 5 pm. 
May 11 – 24, 2012
Opening Night: May 11th, 6 pm. —  Outdoor projections on building – 8:30pm to 10:30pm
Catering by La Boca

Molecule sells residential & commercial modern and contemporary furnishings, lighting and accessories from European & American designers.  Interested in innovation, Molecule carries designer products that are approachable, remarkable, cutting edge, made to last, life enhancing, sometimes irreverent, and timeless.  Some of our explorations include sustainable design.  Our store is housed in the first Santa Fe Shipping Container building, and we also carry some 100% recycled material products.

Featured artists:

Andrew Davis, sculpture installation, objects

Ashley Rowe, mixed media drawings on mylar

Cheri Ibes, sculpture installation

Darwin Nix, gouache paintings installation

Julia Griffin, exterior light projections

Martin Spei, sculpture, objects

Matthew Gray, large size color photograms on vinyl

Mary Neiberg, large size color photographic prints

Richard Baron, black and white photography


In the current environment of economic uncertainty, perspectives that inspire innovation are welcomed. Under this premise, boundaries blur as art, design, technology and business come together to invite new thoughts about the sharing of ideas.  In this case, art appropriates the design space at Molecule to welcome a dialogue.

Some of the artists work has taken a production perspective, like Martin Spei‘s Rubber Man, that developed from a limited cast bronze edition to a mass-produced, packaged, affordable product option in cheery rubber colors.

Andrew Davis concrete cast slabs with font, emerge from the ground as funerary emblems to meet architecture and landscape possibilities, spelling their quirky poetic messages, symbolic of epitaphs, in the clear light of inhabited exterior spaces for ornamental details, or paving.

Cheri Ibes Aquaculture installation, made from deconstructed garden hose engages the angular polyurethane and steel base MVS Chaise as it grows around and over it as oceanic framework, like an infestation of blue choral.

 Mary Neiberg‘s large format photographic color prints of baroque-like whimsical nudes, almost satirize the art historical theme.  From her “Return to Film” series, her nudes come from 4 x 5 transparency film, which has been scanned in high resolution and printed on high quality paper.

Matt Gray‘s epic scale color Candy Guns photograms created from traditional darkroom technique, are first print originals on vinyl fabric.  From his Candy series, they show a texture richness formed from melted sugar and pigment.  Other images include miniature baby dolls that have bubbled in a pool of candy.

Richard Baron offers a selection of black and white photographic prints, from his “The Great Americans”, series, shot from tv monitors, and from the “From in Suits – Wallstreet” series, to name a few.



Ashley Rowe‘s small intimate drawings on mylar are loose symbolic topographical studies.  They extract and abstract the terrain.  She combines a liquid medium with powdered graphite and pigment to recreate and consider the patterns that occur as land is subjugated to water, salt, and sun.

Darwin Nix‘s installation of multiple small guache on paper works, emerge from an intrinsically modernist painting sensibility.  Their expressive immediacy is marked by a raw and vulnerable gesture that brings a powerful liveliness.











Julia Griffin’s exterior light in motion geometric image projections, play with the available surface texture and spatial qualities  to form mesmerizing, multidimensional light environments.  (This will happen at 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm).

Works will be up for 2 weeks.

Market Day is a public invitation to engage with the artists as they share their work and make available small and affordable versions, like handy unframed prints, and objects for sale.  May 12, 11am to 5pm.



Come celebrate with us the blossoming of fresh ideas for the new year!  We have great projects up our sleeve.