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  • Call to Young Designers

    designersMakers of things functional, manufacturers, product developers, industrial designers, 3D printers, innovators, conceptualizers of new design ideas for home, work, or personal use, or other applications of brilliance.  If you're interested in showing your works with us, send us a note, we'd love to collaborate, consign, network, curate shows and overall engage in your thoughts about new design ideas. We're interested in what's happening at large in the world of design and through you, share it with others. Keeps us fresh and inspired!

    collaborations“People think that design is styling. Design is not style. It’s not about giving shape to the shell and not giving a damn about the guts. Good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need, and beauty to produce something that the world didn’t know it was missing.” Paola Antonelli


  • New from Loll: Urban Planter

    urban planter by loll designs urban planter by loll designs

    These folks have  teamed up with Central Oregon resident Shannon Lester, founder of Steel Life, to create this distinctly midcentury modern planter. Remaining true to Lester’s broader collection of elevated planters the Urban Planter conveys the same language priorities of style, function and healthy plants. This planter has natural drainage and is available in three color combinations. Ships assembled.

    urbangarden_planter__detail1       urbangarden_planter__detail3urbangarden_planter_black

  • Molecule Installs Vertical Living Wall System

    Woolly Pocket is the original creator of the best green wall planters in the world! Modular, green, and breathable, these vertical garden planters are exactly what you need to have fun with plants. Woolly Pocket planters will help you quickly and easily create lush green walls and magnificent vertical gardens on any indoor or outdoor wall, fence or railing. Use multiple planters together to design living walls of any shape or size. Molecule is delighted to announce our first Vertical Living Wall System here in our very own store! The building’s upstairs railing now houses (feet x feet) of tropical vegetation, extending a fresh air of lush tropics and vibrant greenery to our interior. Contact Molecule to get started on your very own living wall system.  We will happily work with you to design, customize, and install a living wall fit to your specific space and needs. 

    living wall 2zac living wall systemliving wallliving wall 3


  • Carga Bags New Canvas Collection

    carga-canvas-collection-bags-2013-04-630x472   carga-canvas-collection-bags-2013-08-630x419

    Mauro Bianucci’s newest Canvas Bag Collection adds a sleek, fresh profile to any outfit. Each bag is constructed of industrial grade canvas and dressed in unbleached cotton, with vegetable leather handles in colored tan.  What’s not to love about the tightly tucked strap pleats and the slightest touch of industrial detail? The Collection is equipped with 3 unique models to fit any occasion: A slim folding bag perfectly pockets a 15 inch notebook and includes three other sleeves for pens, papers, or cell.  The practical everyday bag more than doubles in size from the smaller folding bag, and has one main compartment designed deep for all your must haves at all times.   Sophisticated and at large, the weekend bag features an over the shoulder strap and plenty of class to get you from a tight apartment to the breezy Hamptons in style. Established in 2006 by Argentinean born Mauro Bianucci. Carga Bags produces a unique range of bags for men narrowing the gap between architecture and fashion. Originally trained as an architect at the University of Buenos Aires. Bianucci’s designs use materials and construction techniques from the architectural world to create stylish, masculine pieces. We are pleased to announce that the Carga Canvas Collection is now available through Molecule! Handmade by the same family, the Carga Felt Collection, Leather Collection and Zero Waste Collection are also available through our store. carga-canvas-collection-bags-2013-14-630x472

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