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Brilliant Recycled Outdoor Furniture from Loll

loll adirondacWe’re very proud to introduce our new partner Loll, maker of the iconic Adirondack Chair from 100% recycled materials!

Loll’s interesting story begins in 1997 with the creation of TrueRide, a design and build contractor specializing in custom municipal skate parks. TrueRide had a great reputation for building quality and unique ramps.  They came up with better and innovative ways of making ramps out of more durable and attractive composite materials that would need very little maintenance.  Once with the materials and machinery in place, they creatively transitioned in 2003 into producing outdoor furniture.

After a few years of prototyping and exploring with design and materials, 2007 saw the birth of Loll as product and company with the ability to source post consumer plastic. This is when the  company really started to take shape as something that could be green. An estimated eight recycled milk jugs go into each pound of a Loll Adirondack Chair or about 400 milk jugs per chair. As well as being recycled the material is also 100% recyclable so its purpose can change again into another useful product when that day comes.

Extreme Cool!  We love it!