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  • Ooga Flat Lamp
    And then there was light! Unfold the 2-D form of the Ooga Flat Lamp from designer Gabor Berger to create a three-dimensional, minimalist lamp.

    Ooga Flat Lamp

  • Lalla Lamp
    Powder coated steel, brushed or chromed steel. Available in black, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, brushed, chrome.

    Lalla Lamp

  • Tube Top Lamp

    A minimalist statement in form and proportion. Tube Top combines a transparent formed acrylic base to support its elegant mesh fabric shade in tension, steering away from conventional modes of construction. 

    Tube Top Lamp

  • Tube Top 14" Colors

    Tube Top 14 is now available in 6 vibrant colors. Combined with a luminous white mesh fabric, the resulting color combination is magical and fully dimmable. Perfect for any toddler’s room or the child in you. Mix and match them for the ultimate in color layering.

    Tube Top 14" Colors

  • Piccola


    Pablo Pardo

    Pablo Designs was awarded Best Lighting Collection for 2004 at ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair).

    Piccola was Pablo's first company offering, which won him the Gold Award in 1993 in I. D. Magazine's Annual Design Review and is currently in the permanent collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

    Piccola Lamp is perfect for a small side table in your home. It has a perfect proportion and will enhance any area you choose to place it in. It's whimsical elegance makes it stand out. It speaks of good and strong design. Piccola can also be used in a commercial application. It comes fully dimmed and with an on-off switch. The sand-bag leather base can be placed at any angle, either tilted or straight, the metal shade rests on the bulb and adjusts to the base's angle of placement.

    Available in suede in Tomato Red, Forest Green, Lime, Tan and Purple. Also available in lambskin in Black, Purple, Red, Ivory, Mustard and Ice Blue.

    Piccola . Please see other Pablo Pardo's designs.

    Dimensions: 10w x 14h.


  • Pixo

    Pixo is a compact and energy-efficient LED task lamp that is perfect for desk, end table or nightstand. Designed for movement, Pixo’s rotating arm and head allow you to direct its warm and bright light source where you need it most. Equipped with a convenient USB port for charging mobile devices, Pixo effortlessly supports your modern lifestyle. 


  • Lim Table Lamp

    LIM is a revolutionary ultra-slim LED task light that is as fun to use as it is functional. LIM’s “L” shaped arm discreetly conceals an array of high-output LEDs and utilizes a magnetic attachment system for effortless adjustment. 


    Lim Table Lamp

  • Gloss Floor Lamp

    A hybrid lighting innovation that allows you to direct dual focused light sources to address both ambient and task needs independently. Gloss' halogen lamps are clearly displayed through their transparent twin acrylic shades and can be positioned to any desired angle and height. Best suited for desk, bedside, or living area.

    Gloss Floor Lamp

  • Pipe Table Lamp

    A series of tubular sculptural lights manufactured from aluminium, one of the most plentiful metals on the planet. The matt powder coated exterior of Pipe Light contrasts with the shimmering anodised inner finish.

    Pipe Table Lamp

  • Clamp Lamp

    Designed for simplicity and engineered for sustainability, Clamp Lamp combines the beauty of wood with the brilliance of LED technology. Clamp is comprised of 3 main components that work together to provide infinite adjustment, while focusing warm diffused light where needed most.

    Clamp Lamp

  • Link

    Link modernizes the classic pantograph task lamp incorporating the most advanced LED lighting technology to-date. Designed with a dual-purposed shade-handle, Link seamlessly balances performance and style to satisfy focused lighting needs in any environment. 


  • Bel' Occhio

    Bel' Occhio is both a muliti-position spot light and ambient table lamp combined. The spherical acrylic shell is gently cradled in its base allowing infinite adjustment with a touch of the hand. 

    Bel' Occhio

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