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  • Offcut Stool

    A simple, no-fuss, stool.  Easily stackable and constructed using no additional screws or glue.  

    Offcut Stool

  • Container Stool

    Now you can complement the Container Table set with Container Stool and add some excitement to your lunches. Can be used for residential or commercial applications.

    Container Stool

  • Container Table New Antiques

    A fancy new addition to the Container Table series Designed by Marcel Wanders, the New Antiques tables brings a touch of vintage charm to its growing family.  The contemporary, minimalistic table tops meet the rounded, ornamental shapes of its feet creating the perfect fusion between the past and the present, the decorative and the functional. 

    Container Table New Antiques

  • Sloan Stool
    f you tried to turn a Rubic's Cube into a set of stools they might look something like this. Clustered together they make a great, modern splash of color. Separately, they're three cylindrical columns gracefully molded into a singular high gloss fiberglass seat.

    Sloan Stool

  • Jasper Cube Ottoman
    This compact, multi-purpose cube ottoman has unique exposed seams which add character to its clean lines. Constructed with 100% FSC®-Certified Wood in support of responsible forest management.

    Jasper Cube Ottoman

  • Dawson Cube Table, Ottoman
    The Dawson Cube is a simple, upholstered accent which can be used as a side table, footrest, or as extra seating.  Great for small spaces like entryways or bedrooms.

    Dawson Cube Table, Ottoman

  • Gus Hex Ottoman
    This bohemian pouf ottoman is designed for use as casual seating in living rooms, bedrooms or nursery rooms. The Hex features a heavy duty fabric handle on one side, which enables this versatile design to be easily moved to suit your changing needs.

    Gus Hex Ottoman

  • Sixtree

    Design by Chenyu Li 2010.  A playful modular ottoman.  Multicolored ottoman with pocket springs.


    •  Sand/Olive/Dark Brown Begum
    •  Dark Grey/Red/Black Ifelt
    •  Black/White/Camel Leather Textile

    *Discontinued, limited availability.  

    Lead time:  7-15 days.  


  • Pawn Accent Stool
    The Pawn Stool is a sculptural accent that can be used as a table or as secondary seating. The geometric, faceted design works well as a standalone piece or in a grouping.

    Pawn Accent Stool

  • Organic Coffee Bean Bag Upcycle Ottoman
    The Upcycle Ottoman is upholstered using a supply of surplus jute bags previously used to transport organic coffee beans. The durable bags, which would otherwise be thrown away, have been repurposed to make an original accent piece.

    Organic Coffee Bean Bag Upcycle Ottoman

  • Fan Stool

    Creating an exclamation mark in the home, a fan stool is extended from our much loved Fan Chair - a dramatic and sculptural take on the traditional British Windsor Chair. 

    Fan Stool

  • Cherner Lounge Ottoman

    The lounge ottoman designed by Benjamin Cherner is the latest addition to the Cherner seating collection. 

    Cherner Lounge Ottoman

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