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  • Cacoon Bug Net
    he Bug Net slips over the top of your Cacoon, falling down over the entrance to keep your Cacoon a bug free space.

    Cacoon Bug Net

  • Ronda Mini (Child Size)

    Outdoor/Indoor Stacking Armchair.  E-coated powder coat finish.  Stackability up to 6 chairs. 

    Ronda Mini (Child Size)

  • Bonsai Cacoon
    Bonsai Cacoon is perfect for your kids. Whether you put it in their bedroom, hang it from a swing frame, or take it with you on a day out, they’ll absolutely love it - and you!

    Bonsai Cacoon

  • Segno

    Outdoor/Indoor Stacking Side Chair.  Stackability 6.  E-coated powder coat finish.  Made in Italy.  


  • Flux Bar Stool

    With the same gentle curves and silk matte finish, the flux pillar is the perfect companion for our flux column. 

    Flux Bar Stool

  • Flux Junior, Set of 4

    The flux chair – but then for kids. It's an identical, mini version of the original flux chair. 

    Flux Junior, Set of 4

  • Cacoon Tripod Stand
    Nowhere to hang your Cacoon? No problem. Our cool, stylish Tripod Stand is designed specifically to hold your Cacoon - no matter what its size. These sturdy, powder coated steel stands will resist pretty much anything nature can throw at them.

    Cacoon Tripod Stand

  • Cacoon Double
    With its generous 1.8m diameter, the double Cacoon hanging chair is for two adults stretched out or blissed out! And if the kids must . . . imagine a joey in a kangaroo’s pouch – now see your kids in a Cacoon. Throw in a couple of teddies and . . . heaven!

    Cacoon Double

  • Flux Chair, Set of 4

    One craftily cut sheet of sustainable polypropylene; eight modern colours to choose from; zero tools necessary.  Flux is what happens when good design meets flexibility. Takig its cue from the lines of origami, Flux Chair goes from flat to chair in only ten seconds. 

    Flux Chair, Set of 4

  • Ronda Chair - Set of 4

    This chair is stackable even in the version with arms. It has a wavy shape and can be used with comfortable cushions for the back and seat. The fretwork effect of the expanded metal makes Ronda the ideal match for the Cambi table. Attractive plays of light filtered through the metal transparencies interpret with modernity the classical beauty of this furniture.

    Ronda Chair - Set of 4

  • Shot Side Chair - Set of 4

    For the first time Cristophe Pillet has designed a seat for the Classic line, in collaboration with the EMU Research Centre. Shot is the new design of seats for street contract seating. The tubular structure fits well with a stamped sheet metal seat and backrest. The backrest has a distinctive, perforated pattern, whereas the seat is particularly comfortable. 

    Shot Side Chair - Set of 4

  • Voile Side Chair - Set of 2

    Voile interprets the matching of varnished steel and braided Wicker with elegance and contemporary design. The structure is characterised by fine lines and supports a comfortable frame in emu Wicker.

    Voile Side Chair - Set of 2

Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 12 of 22 total

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Set Descending Direction

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Items 1 to 12 of 22 total