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  • Cacoon Tree Loop
    The Cacoon loves trees and so do we. So, if you're planning to hang your Cacoon from a tree branch, please consider using a Tree Loop to stop bark damage.

    Cacoon Tree Loop

  • Cacoon Bug Net
    he Bug Net slips over the top of your Cacoon, falling down over the entrance to keep your Cacoon a bug free space.

    Cacoon Bug Net

  • Cacoon Door
    The Cacoon Door, just like the Cacoon, is simplicity itself. It fits tightly to create a water barrier, while the generous overlap of canvas will keep out most of what nature can throw at it (including cats and dogs!).

    Cacoon Door

  • Single Cacoon
    With a diameter of 1.5m the single Cacoon hanging chair is our most popular size, inside or out – just perfect for the single adult ‘escape’ or for the kids.

    Single Cacoon

  • Cacoon Tripod Stand
    Nowhere to hang your Cacoon? No problem. Our cool, stylish Tripod Stand is designed specifically to hold your Cacoon - no matter what its size. These sturdy, powder coated steel stands will resist pretty much anything nature can throw at them.

    Cacoon Tripod Stand

  • Cacoon Double
    With its generous 1.8m diameter, the double Cacoon hanging chair is for two adults stretched out or blissed out! And if the kids must . . . imagine a joey in a kangaroo’s pouch – now see your kids in a Cacoon. Throw in a couple of teddies and . . . heaven!

    Cacoon Double

  • Shade Umbrella

    EMU’s best seller, the Shade collection, has a range of outdoor sunshades created jointly by EMU’s own Research Centre together with the French designer, Christophe Pillet. This large-scale, ambitious project is the result of exceptional, technological research which was able to develop a system of balance and levers to make it extraordinarily easy to open and close the shades. 

    Shade Umbrella

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