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  • Large Boomerang Wok in Warm Grey

    Thanks to the unique patented cupped edge of the Boomerang Wok, the ingredients can be turned with a simple movement of the spatula. The ingredients always end up back in the pan.  The Boomerang Wok means it is no longer necessary to lift up the pan; the skills of a Chinese chef are incorporated in this

    Large Boomerang Wok in Warm Grey

  • Lady in Wonderland

    Wonderland candleholders conjure a surreal Alice in Wonderland world of escape. Fashioned from a deft balancing act of figurines that support a candle holder atop the stack, Wonderland is constructed using pieces individually cast from ornaments found by designer Stephen Johnson from antique markets in his native England. Wonderland illustrates how design can fulfill emotional needs like fantasy, nostalgia, and humor. The collection features 3 styles: Rabbit, Bird, and Lady in Wonderland. All 3 styles are available in Matte White. 

    Lady in Wonderland

    Regular Price: $124.00

    Special Price: $111.60

  • The 405 Chaise

    The new Loll Chaise is named after the busiest freeway in the USA; now you can skip work and tell everyone you are stuck on The 405 without lying. The 405 Chaise Lounge is designed to work exceptionally well in the sun and near the pool. 

    The 405 Chaise


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  • "... L Studio Modern says "Arguably the best design studio in "Santa Fe!'"

    D.R., Santa Fe, NM

    "It's located in the coolest new building in santa Fe. It is a must to go and check this store. Fantastic location, buildings, & bargains."

    J.W., Santa Fe, NM
  • "Finally! A really cool home decor store that is as awesome on the inside as it is on the outside. ..."

    Amy M, San Diego, CA

    "I love the rubber man. Check him out. The staff are Santa FE cool as well. "

    D.I. Santa Fe, NM
About Molecule Design


Why? Because we love design!

Let us help you find that wonderful design object that you are dreaming about for your home or project. We are the best source for new modern and contemporary furnishings, lighting & accessories in the Santa Fe, NM area. We also carry great gifts for every occasion. Every product is carefully hand picked and we are proud to be partering with many brilliant and innovative European and American designers. We are committed to finding new approaches that redefine our view of contemporary lifestyles in the objects that surround us and in the ways we change and adapt. Our range of products and prices is wide. Please call us with any questions. Visit us on our  FaceBook Page.

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Our Team

  • Adriana Siso

    Adriana Siso - CREATIVE DIRECTOR

    Wearer of many hats, founder, creator, curator and director. Keeper of the vision, and the orientation. Adriana's background in fine arts allows her to find the aesthetic character of an object as she sources for design products and ideas. Multi-tasker extraordinaire, can move easily through layers of thoughts and pending tasks, with the capacity to perceive the goal and the completion of things! That's a skill! It means extreme focus, or conviction, or tedious insistence! Also maintains a couple of blogs and other websites, assembles, sells, and overall tries to keep the fun going. Its gotta be fun, right?

  • Ashley Rowe


    Ashley’s meltingly sweet nature and gorgeousness hides a piercing ability to focus and process information.  She is our official website content manager, adding new inventory and correcting possible catastrophic entry mistakes from Erica and myself.  She Photoshops, is creating our In-House ads, and follows our basic premise of keeping things simple.  We welcome Ashley’s incisive attention to detail, and capacity to recollect information, both visual and structural.  Ashley's fine arts background comes in handy!  We love working with Ashley.

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